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004/2019      Akehurst Bowl was played on Sunday 5 May.

003/2019    SGA takes the lead in the first round of the fight for the Friendship Trophy  with a resounding win of 23.5 (SGA) vs 18.5 (RGCH)

      during the annual Spring Meeting.

002/2019       Membership Form 2019 now online.

001/2019       Captains' message for the 2019 season.

022/2018  2019 SGA Committee elected during the AGM held on December 12 2018.

021/2018  Winners and runner-ups for the 2018 SACEUR Cup,    COFS Cup,   and most improved player announced.

020/2018  This years' competition for the RGCH/SGA Friendship Trophy results in an overall draw and a SHARED Trophy.

019/2018  Air Force wins (yet once again) the Interservice Trophy.

018/2018   The 2018 Goodpaster Trophy goes to Marcel Janiga and Christophe de Pierpont (RGCH).

017/2018  The 2018 edition of the SGA Masters sees the youngest winner ever put on the green jacket !

016/2018  Latest standings for the  SACEUR Cup and COFS Cup, and the remaining match schedules are now available online.

015/2018  Joulwan Cup 2018 goes to Falk Kuehne, Darryll Rupp and Jacky Equeter (RGCH).

014/2018  OCF 2018 another resounding success !

013/2018  Mogg Bowl 2018    won by Denmark !

012/2018  The 2018 version of the Akehurst Bowl another success.

011/2018  The draw was done for the pairings in the  SACEUR Cup  and  COFS Cup, and the match schedules are now available online.

010/2018  SACEUR hands over the Trophies to the 2017 SGA Champions.

009/2018  SGA Introduction to Golf for SHAPE novices a big success.

008/2018  SGA wins the Spring Meeting against RGCH convincingly with a score of 28 to 23.

007/2018  SGA Constitution version 2018 coordinated, signed and released to the public.

006/2018  First scramble of the year,  Saint Patricks' , played in frosty conditions.

005/2018  Learn to Play Golf, April 17th Town Hall meeting, and April 20th or 21st for hands-on Novice introduction.

004/2018  Saint Patrick's Day Spring Scramble notice is now online.
003/2018  The 2018 SGA Handbook is now online.

002/2018  2018 SGA Program schedule now online.


SGA Captain's message for 2018.

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