Captain's Message 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen of the SGA,

I am extremely proud to have been elected as captain of the SGA for the 2019 season. Whilst I am fairly new to the SHAPE golfing family, many of you will know that my family have been involved with the association for many years. What is apparent to me in my short time here, is the hard work and dedication of the many willing volunteers on the SGA committee. The SGA provides outstanding golfing opportunities to all its members, and this is without doubt only achieved through voluntary commitment. I would therefore like to thank all of the 2018 committee for a superb 2018 season.

As we move in to 2019 we embrace the changes to the rules of golf. Whilst it is important for all our members to make themselves aware of the changes, it is also important to remember why we play golf, and I hope that the majority of you agree, we play for enjoyment. This is one aspect of the game that should never change, along with ensuring and encouraging respect and friendship through the game of golf.

I would also like to thank all of the elected 2019 committee, I look forward to working with all of you to maintain, and if not better, the golfing experience for all of our members. The SGA are always looking for willing volunteers, therefore I encourage all SGA members to engage and support their elected committee.

On a final note, I look forward to seeing all of you throughout the season, both on and off the course. I wish each of you a wonderful golfing season, and an enjoyable year of SGA golf.

Yours in golf

Kieran Nevin

SGA Captain 2019