Greetings New Golfer or Novice. We welcome you to the wonderful sport of golf. As the Novice Coordinator, I am (t)asked to aid you with the fundamentals of the game. With some dedication to training and a positive attitude you will be on your way to the beautiful golf course(s) the SGA has special arrangements with. (RGCH and Mont Garni)

To achieve this, simply contact me to discuss the programs or arrange a meet at the RGCH Practice Range. There, if you bring your golf clubs, we can have a face to face, have an initial practice/introduction session and I can introduce you to some of the (teaching) staff who will play a role in getting you proficient. All novices and/or new members that joined the SGA after summer 2017 are welcome.

Coaching and signing up for proper golf lessons at the RGCH is available with the Club Golf Pros. Please be aware that there are Individual Lessons, Collective (Group) Lessons and Special Sessions (Arranged by the SGA) available to you at cost. Together with them I will try and get you on the course ‘playing’ as soon as possible, weather permitting.

The SGA Novice Coordinator makes himself available for new and novice golfer, for initial sessions at RGCH. If you are interested in these sessions with me then please contact Rick van Kampen or request further details at  Depending on the number I will organise these sessions with you and post the details/date/times on our FaceBook page. Please be advised that you must speak to the Coordinators prior to joining me on these sessions. See you soon.