SGA Novice Scramble - Friday 8 April 2016 

This Competition is a chance for Novice or new golfers to be part of an event and play the wonderful Course at Royal Golf Club du Hainaut. Novices and beginners alike will be placed in a 3 man team with 2 more experienced golfers to play in this fun event. Why not come and have a try at playing this wonderful game ?

Format: 3 Ball Scramble

9 Holes (Quesnoy)

Vin D'Honneur post event

Cost for non RGCH Members €20

Teams will be formulated by the Tournament Organiser

Send your names to Jeffrey.Graziano@NSHQ.NATO.INT

Remember this is a Fun Competition and a chance to give our Novices experience to play on the Course.

Jeff Graziano

Tournament Organiser/Novice Coordinator