On December 16thy, on the occasion of the victory of RGCH/SGA Ladies Team at Turnberry October last, the Ladies were be presented with the prizes awarded to them by the On Course Foundation, as well as with the framed Turnberry OCF group picture/memoir to commemorate this successful event.


The successful team with their prizes, and, at their right, this year's greatest fundraiser Mick Faulkner.

The 2017 OCF winning Ladies Team, with from left to right, Alexandria Sherman (SGA), Maryse Bruneau, Joelle Baert, Kate Bucci and Véronique Cubat (all RGCH).

Cheers Ladies, to a fantastic victory !



The SGA had a terrific charity golf day raising funds for a noble cause, “On course Foundation”, at RGCH on 8 July 2017.

A very big and gracious thank you to our wonderful sponsor BT and to all the participants who assisted in raising close to € 5,000.00.

A great day of golf, on a beautiful Belgian summer`s day, culminate in a few aperitifs to close out a truly excellent occasion.

In the event that any of the teams (Men or Ladies) top 5 players, qualify for the national final at Turnberry, the players with the 5 highest stableford scores shall be offered the first opportunity to participate.


Mens Div I

Mens Div II

Mens Div II

Ladies Div I

Ladies Div II

First place - Alex MacDonald – 40 points – new handicap of 7.
Second Place – Steve Egerton – 40 points – new handicap of 8.  
Third place – Greg Edwards -  38 points – new handicap of 4.9  

First Place – Andrew Stillwell – 44 points – new handicap of 16.6.
Second – Antoine Hazard –  42 points – new handicap 18.9.
Third place – Michael Thomas - 38 points – new handicap 17.6 (tied with George Reid – 38 points – new handicap 16.8)

First Place - Philippe Desmanet – 51 points – new handicap 28.5.
Second – Adam Foucar - 40 points – new handicap 34.0.
Third place – Alain Sebbe - 38 points – new handicap 29.1

First Place – Joelle Baert – 39 points – new handicap of 15.3.
Second Place – Alex Sherman – 36 points – 15.1.
Third place -  Marie Noelle Bruneau – 35 points

First place – Christiane Hermant – 35 points.
Second place – Jocelyne Catel – 34 points.
Third place -  Nuziatana Russo 29 points


Pictures of the winners at   https://photos.app.goo.gl/GAP1n3Vlmgt3f6qB3