On Saturday the 06 Apr 19, a field of over 80 players took to the fairways of RGCH to compete for the first round of the Bi-Annual match between SGA and RGCH. In the past few years the Spring meeting has generally been an RGCH dominated event, a record for which the RGCH Spring Meeting Captain, Maryse Bruneau, was not going to give up lightly.

However, led by our stalwart Captain, George Cesonis, the SGA team were in good spirits and of sufficient numbers to believe a positive result could be achieved, and by the time the last team putted out on the 18th green the result had already been determined. The strength of the SGA players had won over the RGCH competition, with a resounding win of 23.5 (SGA) vs 18.5 (RGCH).


Pictures of the event can be found at :  https://photos.app.goo.gl/6H3NJXNYTxyS5TFH9