On Tuesday April 17th the SGA hosted a  “Social Introduction to Golf,”  at the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) in Building 207 in the Industrial Area.

Topics that were presented by the RGCH Head Pro Bart Bollens and SGA Committee members at hand were amongst others:  why one would want to play golf, what the learning process is, what the social benefits are for children, etc. 

This presentation was followed by two separate two hour 'hands-on' events on the following Friday and Saturday, both events had a great turn-out, also thanks to the beautiful weather.  Head Pro Bart Bollens took the newbies through the various stages of the setup and swing, and in the end those present had plenty of opportunity to try their best at hitting golf balls !

All in all we had more than twenty-five novices sign up as members of the SGA :  welcome to the SGA family !


Click here for more pictures of the hands-on event.